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Having problems getting your process analysers calibrated and operating within their specifications?

You are not alone! Process analysers are critical components of many chemical plants. They protect equipment and personnel, certify product and enable plants to operate effectively. However, their care and maintenance can be challenging at the best of times..

What I can do for you

On-line process analyser calibration system

PAC Manager, streamlines the whole process of analyser calibration. Calibration certificates are generated with the aid of an on-line wizard and data is stored in the cloud, no need to print and file documents, they are always there when auditors request them. For more information on this feature packed program look here


Leaks, moisture ingress and sample contamination are very common causes of problems when it comes to process analysers. It takes experience to be able to correct these faults and I have twenty-five years working with a variety of analysers and sample systems. You can contact me to arrange a consultation by email mobile phone or using the contact form below.

System Setup

Often an analyser can be repaired simply by replacing a spare component, but if that has to be shipped in delays can result in escalating costs and downtime. Setting up stores for analyser and developing policies for maintenance requires long term contracts please contact me for a price to do system setup and development work.

Rack Mount Solution

Need to retrofit a modern 19”-rack mount analyser or sample system in an old cabinet? Many analysers are mounted in custom built cabinets that do not take the current 19” rack mount units. Upgrades and retrofits can become difficult, but the modern format is common and convenient. To overcome the problem of fitting a standard shape into a bespoke cabinet I have created a 19”rack mount escutcheon solution – frame with standard holes cut around a cut out. Analysers and standard panels can be inserted using the standard cage nuts. Have a look at some of my past projects here.

About Ken

Ken Robinson, Process Analytic Consultant

I have personally performed or supervised over 8000 calibrations during my time working with process analysers. Each one was recorded on my own Access Database. Zero and span errors, outcome (adjusted or not adjusted), date performed and outlier status were all recorded for each analyser for over twenty years. An incredible amount of data that, with the aid of a spread sheet could be very useful. Cumulative drift, calculated by summing the difference in errors found before and after a calibration and plotting on a timeline, gives an excellent insight into the condition of an analyser. Also, the error values and the standard deviation of the errors plotted against a timeline can be used for predictive or remedial maintenance to identify when a fault started to appear. Errors found in similar analysers on similar applications can help identify a problem with an individual analyser or installation.

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Hourly Work

Short term fault finding, consultation work can be provided to deal with specific analyser issues. Costs are based on a rate of $140/hr (AUD)

Longer Term

Longer term projects can be negotiated at lower rates.

PAC Manager

PAC Manager is a subscription based service based on the number of analysers active during each month. Prices start at $20 (AUD ) per analyser per month. This includes one calibration wizard, one generic calibration form, multiple user accounts, inbuilt drift and error charts, unlimited standards, online storage of calibration certificate data.

Custom Reports

Custom written calibration reports can be added on request. Please provide a sample for a quotation. For further information on PAC Manager look here